• Savings & Selection

    Clothes, toys, shoes, coats, strollers, joggers, cribs, gear and more -
    all at 50-90% off retail!

Savings & Selection

Clothes, toys, shoes, coats, strollers, cribs, gear and more—all at 50-90% off retail!
A masked Team Member with gloves helps out at a local JBF sale.

3 Ways to Shop

We know how important it is to get what your kids need at the prices you love.

You can get great deals at Just Between Friends in a variety of ways!

Shop Early

Presale December 8th, is the time to shop for the best selection!  Prime time tickets for the presale lets you shop before the public! Admission price varies depending on entry time. 

PRO TIP: Presale shopping is a great for First Time parents, Expecting Parents & Grandparents, Teachers, Daycares, Health Care workers, First Responders and Foster Parents.  


Public Shopping

Shop our upcoming fall sale!  Click GET TICKETS to get free tickets.

This sale features fall clothing and shoes plus everything else related to kids and pregnancy.  Grab a friend or family member and stock up on everything for the next 6 months

Discount Day

Sunday December 10th is our half off sale day!  Most items will be half off.

Look for tags without a star! 

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We love happy shoppers! Here's what they have to say.

A Mom holds up her JBF shopping bag with her right hand while resting her left hand on her stroller with toddler daughter inside.
They have everything kid related.

Having everything kid related in one location is awesome. I plan to shop/spend each sale so my kids are assured that Mom will say "yes!" to at least some of the "look Mom!" items they find.

• Becky V

Grandmom, mom and baby in a carrier gather together and flash a smile as they shop for baby items.
Great way to buy a season's worth!

This is a great way to buy a season's worth of clothes for all your littles! Great variety!

• Barbara H

A group of shoppers wearing masks for safety reasons gathers together at the sale to shop.
I love it every time!

I love it every time. And I finally got my friend to come this past sale and she was in awe of the savings. She'll be coming back for sure!

• Victoria V

Three young girls are excited to shop together in the toy section of their local JBF sale.
My favorite part is seeing other JBF Moms

My favorite part is seeing other JBF Moms who I've met at the sale - year after year! We love our kids and love saving money!

• Monica S

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the event free and open to the public?

We are open to the public.  There is a $3 admission fee at the door but you can get FREE tickets below.

How can I shop early?

There are special Presale shopping hours for which we offer tickets each sale. Those who want the best selection at the lowest prices find it worth the ticket price to get to shop even earlier. We also offer presales, too. You might qualify for one of these early shopping times. And, if you SELL with us, you also get to shop early! Find out more on the "SELLING" page.

Can I bring a wagon or cart to collect my awesome finds?

Yes!  It's encouraged to bring a wagon to shop with to collect everything your kiddos need for the next 6 months.  We will have a hold area and Ikea bags to use while you shop but wagons are the best and hold so much more.

What about Covid 19?

Your family's health is our #1 priority. We follow all guidelines for retail spaces in our area. Shoppers are required to get shopping tickets on presale days and encouraged on public sale days.  The presale shopping day is and always has been an adult only shopping day.   Face coverings are not required but can be worn if you are more comfortable that way.